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Amsec Sales & Service


  • State-of-the-art computer controlled manufacturing equipment helps us meet demanding deadlines and keeps us on the leading edge of technology.
  • We are located in a major West Coast distribution point with direct access to all major domestic and international freight services.
  • We specialize in developing custom safes to meet specific cash handling requirements for banks, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other industries.

A Tradition of Quality

 American Security Products [AMSEC] is the world’s best known provider of security safes and security solutions. We protect the assets of our clients throughout the world by providing a broad array of security safes and consulting services with the highest degree of quality, integrity and responsiveness. AMSEC began in the late 1940’s in a small building in Paramount, California, where founder Glenn Hall set up shop with little more than a welder, a lathe and a desire to build strong safes. 

Sun Welding Safe Reviews

 We strive to be the most honest safe manufacture in the industry.  We tell you everything about our warranty up front.  All of Sun Welding Safe's have the same lifetime warranty. We offer an extended 10 year or lifetime warranty on a variety of locks (BigRed Mechanical, S&G Mechanical, LaGard Electronic, LaGard Redundant).

Sun Welding Review

Loving Their renegade !!!

Sun Welding Safes How There Built

 Sun Welding began before 1980 while the owner was working as a welder.  His home was burglarized and decided he wanted to build a safe for security and storage.  After the first safe was built many of his family and friends wanted safes and the rest was history.  The first safe built is shown on display in the showroom, come check it out! 

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