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Sales & Service for Southern Idaho


At Economy safes we aim to provide great service after the sale.Safe sales in twin falls and the magic Valley is our focus.I think safe repairs in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley are important.We enjoy finding the best values in safe  and vaults.Not only that we like to open and repair safes of all brands.We will gladly walk you through the process of selecting  the perfect safe for you. 

Gun Safes|Fire safes|Data Safes|Burglar|and More.

We service Twin falls|Jerome|Gooding|Cassia|Lincoln|Minidoka Counties.

We can make it easy to find the perfect safe for you.

Services we offer

Safe moving and bolt down servives

Economy Safes can move safes up to 1500 Lbs Up and down stairs in our local area. We can move heaver safes on one level .Call 208-733-7444 for a quote on safe moving.


Local Pick Up:
Economy Safes will assist with the loading of the safe into the back of a trailer,orpickup. We suggest you bring moving pads and tie down straps, as the safes do not come standard foam, boxed, or on a pallet. The purchaser is responsible for tying down the safe as they see necessary.  Having the safe on a pallet is not recommend as it is more difficult for the user to maneuver, unless you have a pallet jack at the end location.


Local & Stairs Delivery

Local Delivery:

Customers located within Economy Safes delivery area please call 208-733-9444 for a quote on delivery. Economy safes offers curbside drop off, garage delivery, and inside first floor delivery. We also offer professional bolt down/installation service.


Bolt down service is available for $85.00 on the first level of your home. Economy Safes only offers installation/bolt down to a concrete slab floor. If you have any questions about bolt down, please contact us at 208-733-9444


  • Schedule business or home delivery appointments.
  • Complete the job to your specifications as directed on the delivery form.
  • Treat your home or business as we would.

Safe Upgrades


Many of the older safes can be converted to electronic. Also the electronic safes that are purchased with a electronic lock can be converted to mechanical lock in many cases. 

I’ve earned my living, the past 30 years, servicing locks of all types. This includes opening safes that can't be opened except by drilling. I do warranty work for several safe manufacturers including (American Security Safes). What I’ve learned in all those years is that manual dial locks have very few problems. The most common is a loose dial ring which can shift which will result in the index point being in the wrong place for proper tumbler alignment. This is easyto fix. 

Electronic locks, however, can have all kinds of issues, and none (except bad key-pad) are easy to fix, and when one goes bad, it must be drilled into to open it. it’s not a matter of ‘if’ an electronic lock will ultimately fail, but a matter of ‘when’ it will fail. Over the past 15 years or so, since electronics have become more and more prevalent, I’ve had to drill open bad electronic locks vs. bad manual dial locks on a ratio of about 10-1. However many people like the electronic due to the ease of operating the combination.

Safe Opening & Repairs

Serving Southern Idaho


  1. Economy Safes can service virtually any commercial or domestic safe. We have provided reliable, trustworthy and inexpensive service to clients in and around greater Southern Idaho for more than 30 years, and have built a reputation few others can match. We offer these safe-related services to keep your equipment working properly, and your valuables secure yet accessible when you need them.  
  2. Safe sales,delivery and installation 
  3. Safe opening Electronic or mechanical 
  4. Safe  locks maintenance and repairs 
  5. Relocation of an existing safe 
  6. Programming in a new combination or code, or re-keying   
  7. Safe Opening 

The whole point of a safe is to make it all but impossible for anyone to access without the key or the combination so what happens when you lose the combination The fact is that the rightful owners of safes lose the or combinations all the time. On rarer occasions, the safe itself may fail, or a break-in attempt may prevent it from opening normally. In any of these cases, Economysafes is the one to call. We can not only open your safe, but make sure it is in proper working order, and make any repairs that may be necessary. I F you have problems with your safe call Richard   at 208-733-9444. We can solve your problem and get you going agan,all at affordable prices 

Our Commitment


Economy Safes can help when you have trouble getting your safe open.We  cover a radius of about 100 miles from twin Falls Id.We have the very best rates and we are equipped to do it right.

Call 208-733-9444 and ask for Richard