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With over 25 yeary experience I can help with all of your safe needs. Service,sales and upgrades.

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Local Safe Sales and Service

I can open any safe but sometimes it can be quite a chore,like when the bolt works fall apart.Most of the time it's fairly simple.I sometimes take jobs as far as 150 miles but usually confine it to the Magic Valley.

Safe opening and Repair

I have been opening safes for many years and I do know what makes a good safe. I have picked out a  few good models to choose from.Choose Economy safes in Twin falls for gun safes in Twin falls and drop safes in twin falls

These safes are priced to sell

I'm located in Twin Falls and cover most of southern Idaho. My other website covers your other locksmith needs.

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Fire safes

Fire safes offer good fire protection but very little  burglar protection.They are generally very  inexpensive

Fire Burglar

Fire Burglar safes offer good protection aganst fire and burglary .They have different ratings which wil be described later.

Data Safes

Data safe generally offer a very high degree of fire protection plus a moderate degree of burglar protection.

Fire safe Ratings

Fire safes  are tested  in a furnace to see how long the can keep temperature below a certain level,usually  350 degrees.

For example a rating might be  30 minutes at 1800 degrees.

Gun Safes

Gun safes can have fire ,burglar or offer both fire and burglary protection. Also some may have no rating at all.

Burglar Safe Ratings

Burglar safe are rated like this.B,C,E,TRTL 30 or 60.B is the lower rating and TRTL the higher. B rating is the lower rating but still a pretty good safe.E rated safe are usally seen in places that keep a lot of money or valueables over night